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expert_installationPut your precious car audio into the hands of the pros and enjoy peace of mind that your car and stereo will come back to you sounding and looking great. Why wrestle with wires and dash screws, when it can be done fast and professionally.

The pros at Driver’s Den do this stuff every day. You can have great sound without any hassle. Stop by the shop today.
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There are some people who just can’t stand to pay for another man’s labor and knowledge. Then there is a group that considers the mobile electronics installation trade not worthy of payment. If you belong to either of this groups don’t read any further. You may wish to check out our DIY page. For those of you who like to leave it to the professionals, here is a guide to what we do at Driver’s Den.

Disassembly of Dash and Removal of Door Panels – This is where the experienced installer is at his best. Knowing how different car makers mount all those panels and having the correct tools saves time and damage to panels.

Auto Security System Installation – In order for a proper install its a must that you have exacting wiring information on the vehicle you are working on and the test equipment to verify that wiring information. Newer cars and trucks have a lot of computer controlled or computer monitored devises. Most newer vehicles require a data interface module. Improper install can leave you stranded. Professional installation is strongly recommended.

Speaker Installation – On the surface this sounds easy and in some cases it is. The problems we see everyday indicate that most people do not understand how important correct mounting and correct wiring are in achieving the best sound quality and lifespan.
Most speaker installs done today require some type of adapter or build-out. Expensive speakers installed poorly will sound worse than a cheap speaker correctly installed.

Head Unit installation – With the proper hardware and adapters available this can be easy. If you know how the dash comes a part. If you understand what the adapter is really doing. Even with all the right parts some times small modifications are needed. Most complaints and repair/warranty on head units comes from the DIY installer.

Amplifier Installation – 90% of all amps that we sell, we install. The other 10% are sold carry-out. Of that 10% group that is sold carry-out, it makes up 90% of all warranty and repair issues! That statement says it all. Any questions?
There are many issues regarding amplifier installation. A seasoned installer will know the pitfalls to avoid.

Custom Fabrication – This is a trade within the mobile electronics arena. Knowing how to work with wood, plastics, fiberglass, paints, plexi-glass, carpets, vinyl, grill cloth, etc. along with several thousand dollars worth of tools, some imagination, craftsmanship, and some electronics background and your ready. Oh, and don’t forget some knowledge of acoustics.

Custom Subwoofer Enclosures – Think of a speaker as a motor, instead of spinning around, it simply moves in and out. A spinning motor would be harnessed to a belt or chain to make it work for you and if you use the the wrong pulley or gear drive you can minimize its performance. A speaker reacts to its enclosure as a motor responds to its pulley or gear. Provided with good speakers are some numbers called T&S parameters. This set of numbers is required to engineer a proper enclosure. To cut down on the pages of math, there are computer programs that help model an enclosure and tuning frequency. Most companies will include some recommended enclosure designs in the box. Again, a inexpensive woofer done correctly will out perform an expensive woofer done wrong!

System tuning – Even the basic system can use some attention to the setting on the bass, treble,balance and fade. As the system grows it becomes more important. Its is important to know what all those acronyms on the side of the amplifier mean. If you have a high-end deck with built-in equalizer, time correction and crossovers remember that that these setting can enhance the sound or ruin it. Terms such as slope,gain,Q, lp and hp, Hertz boost or cut are all something your professional installer should know.

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